Are you interested in sponsorship opportunities that include exhibition/branding/thought leadership? 

For more information, contact:
Jessica Angsomwine


  1. Showcase your innovative technology, highlighting its capabilities and how it addresses the challenges of emission tracking and reporting - including carbon accounting and carbon credits - to attract potential clients
  2. Gain intelligence from the panel discussion, presentations, dialogues, and fireside chats focusing on industry trends and regulatory updates to identify opportunities for your company and further shape your product development and business strategies
  3. Leverage learning opportunities to deepen your expertise in the field and improve your understanding of industry standards
  4. Deliver a presentation to an audience specifically interested in emission tracking and reporting
  5. Utilize a networking app to connect with over 200 industry peers, schedule meetings, and have one-on-one discussions
  6. Hear directly from operators about their technology solution requirements so you can tailor / optimize your value proposition